Eliéser Ambrósio, exclusive for Elite.

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Elite. The best Brazilian sports brand

Try to break free of being equal to everyone else, and you will be amazed.

Pure Sport Line

T-Shirts, shorts, and pants especially designed for sports such as football, basketball, tennis, running, biking etc.

Fitness Line

Shorts, t-back tops, leggings, 3/4 tights, longer tights and accessories for a daily wear, or in a high-performance exercises.

Adventure Line

Pants, polos t-shirts, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, underwear and socks for leisure time, outdoor sports and nature activities.

The technology that you´re looking for

The exclusive Elite Technologies increases your performance and comfort.

Aero Line
Increased Breathability
Increased Ventilation
Increased Drying
Dry Line
High-impact sports
Intelligent fabric
High quality microfiber
Fast drying
Sports technology
UV Protection Line
Daytime activities
Prevents from UV rays
Intensive Care

We have the ideal products for all sports.

Fitness Virtual Shop. It’s easy to keep you in shape

An exclusive and specialized fitness shop. The convenience of a 24 hour store waiting for you.

All Elite products in just one place

In our virtual shop, you can view and know all the features of our extensive fitness line.
Shorts, leggings, 3/4 tights, longer tights, shorts, tank tops,t-back tops and much more to let you pretty and in good shape.


Elite fitness kit